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Residencies focus on “Welcoming talents from outside of the city and the country in different disciplines and trades, which contribute to Huerto Roma Verde, as well as professionally with the resident”.


We are taking proposals from different artistic disciplines, such as sculpture, painting, writing, filmmaking, architecture - bioconstruction, transdisciplinary arts, craftmaking and artisans, dance and performance that share our goal of performing activism or creating conscious art in order to help raise awareness about problems and solutions related to the climate emergency.


We are accepting proposals from technical professionals specializing in water, soils, renewable energies, ecotechnicians, agriculturists, bioconstruction and scientific dissemination that contribute to the eddiciency and environmental quality of the project.


We are accepting proposals from environmental, social, community and activist leaders, representatives of native peoples, and enterpreneurs in order to implement social processes, productive projects, and the communication of practices and knowledge.

* Víctor Toledo has worked for over three decades to interdisciplinary studies, such as the integrated study of cultural and biological diversity, creating a new interdisciplinary area of study known as Etno-ecology, theorizing about the social metabolism with an emphasis on rural areas. He has also written extensively about the sicence of sustainability as one of the world founders of the new school of Political Ecology. He has dedicated his efforts to widely spread the defense of nature, the environment, and native cultures, and imagining an alternative for our modern age.

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